10 Greatest Jordan kicks in History

It is widely accepted that Jordan sneakers ( Js ) are the best sneakers made in history. Some people play in them, some just wear them out like dress shoes.  They are the coolest and most versatile sneakers ever made.

MJ has been re-releasing a bunch of classic sneakers for years and here is a list of the Top 10 Greatest Jordans of all time.

10. Banned 1s

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Our Top-10 list starts with the first Jordans that changed the game, the Jordan 1.  These are known as the ‘Banned’ 1’s because when MJ first started rocking them on the court, David Stern banned them because of the color scheme.

The color-way was red and black but had little white on them.  Jordan continued to rep them on the court, and the NBA started to fine him every game he wore them.  Since Jordan first wore these on the court, the shoe has become massively popular and today 1s have the most color-ways of any Jordan.


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